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Latest news
Uni 29-10-2020 - Tax policy for malfunctioned products
Uni 26-10-2020 - Tax policy on VAT policy for support amount
Uni 19-10-2020: On adjusting created invoices
Uni 15-09-2020 - Chinh sach thue ve viec chi ho tro dai ly
Uni 12-10-2020 - About exporitng invoice policies
Uni 08-10-2020: Quarantine expenditure in Covid-19 pandemic
01-10-2020: On registration the dependents
Uni 31-08-2020: On tax policy with new investment project
Uni 27-08-2020: On Adjusting tax return
Uni 24-08-2020: On exemption of making documents of transaction price determination
Most popular news
Coca-Cola weighs global status against profit
Microsoft to detail its plans for Yammer and SharePoint
Uni 03-06-2013 - guidance on invoices of goods and service sale
Uni 05-06-2012 - Circular guiding the implementation of tax obligation for foreign organizations, individuals who do business or arise income in Vietnam
Uni 24-10-2013 – Guidance on implementation of some articles of CIT Law, VAT Law effective from 01 July 2013
Uni 31-07-2013 – Guidance of Law on tax administration
Uni 21-10-2013 – Guidance of tax administration violation penalty
Uni 09-10-2012 – Replying on tax policy
Uni 16-06-2014 - Guidance on additional VAT declaration for omissive invoices
Uni 08-05-2013 – Guidance on corporate taxable income for foreign contractor
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